How To Earn Money With TikTok 2020 ?


Are you good at making attention-grabbing videos?

Do you want to use this talent to make money?

Find out in this article how the Tiktok app can save you money. By various methods including the best known: Astro Tiktok.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok is a Chinese playback and video application launched in 2016. It allows its users to shoot small clips with effects.

It allows anyone to unleash their creativity through video. It competes directly with Instagram, positioned more on photography.

The giant claims more than 800 million users worldwide. In comparison, Instagram has 1 billion users, and benefits from the support of the giant Facebook, while TikTok is independent.

So many users represent a great business opportunity. Let’s see how to take advantage of it.

How to make Paypal money with Astro Tiktok

Step 1: Install the TikTok app via the Google Play Store or the app store.

If you have already installed the application uninstall there and then reinstall there (you will not lose your data)

Tiktok link for Android

Tiktok Link For iPhone

Step 2: Enter the code: 35364818

Enter the code 35364818 when registering to get € 5 of PayPal money on your Tiktok account.

Step 3: invite friends to join Tiktok

If your friends remain active for more than 8 days on the application you will receive 1500 stars which are equivalent to $5 which you can transfer to Paypal.

Step 4: Link your Paypal account to Tiktok to withdraw your winnings

Then in the settings of the associated application your existing PayPal account or create it on the Paypal site.


How to earn money with TikTok?


TikTok is a lot like Instagram on the user experience. The design of the application is quite similar. Today, many businesses thrive on Instagram and more and more are growing on Tiktok, because on this growing platform it is easy to earn money with Tiktok.

The streamlined look forward on Instagram is particularly interesting for creating a brand image. This is how the Feed brand got its first customers.

On TikTok, the content is exclusively videographer. This allows you to get deeper or more humorous messages to your audience.

The first step is therefore to create a community around your personality.

Create a community

Creating a community is the basis of your business on TikTok and other social networks.

It’s your most powerful tool. In Tribu, Seth Godin explains that a fan community is the most economically valuable thing on social media.

However, this value depends on how you monetize this audience of fans.

The most obvious (and least profitable) is the donation system.

Request donations from the community

You all know what a gift is. This involves asking your community if they want to help you thrive with donations of a few euros a month.

This is typically what content creators do without an economic model.

They don’t sell anything to their audience and they don’t have brand deals, so they appeal to the raw generosity of their fans.

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TikTok is particularly suitable for this thanks to the virtual currency called Coin or coin.

Users can buy them for € 1.09 per 100 pieces. They can then donate it to their favourite content creators.

It is also a way for TikTok to generate income without advertising, keeping part of the value of the coins.

This method can save you a few tens or hundreds of euros a month at most.

But here you are on automatic income. We don’t eat this bread there.

The second method (a little better but still not very profitable) is to make publications sponsored by brands.


Work with brands


When a brand wants to gain visibility with a large audience, it can call on the services of an influencer: a content creator with a large audience of fans.

They trust the person they follow and adhere to their ideas.

He can then show them products and a proportion of the fans will buy it.

In exchange, the influencer earns part of the number of purchases made by his community.

If done correctly, it can be profitable for the influencer, but ethical issues can arise.

This is the first disadvantage of this method.

For example, some big influencers (including Emma Cupcake) have been accused by several people of abusing these methods.

They were accused of offering questionable products from obscure websites, deceiving customers about the quality of the products ordered.

Fortunately, these situations are rare, but they do exist.

The question is :

How not to be subjected to such accusations?

The second disadvantage is profitability.

To earn money with being an influencer, you must meet these 2 conditions:

Have a large enough audience. This means making better content than others, and more engaging.

Have an audience ready to buy the products you recommend to them. It comes back to engagement.

If you manage to bring them together, you will approach the brands or they will come to you.

After negotiation and agreement, you will promote the products.

But how much will you have left at the end?

Depending on the size of your audience, the company will make a certain amount of turnover, and you will collect at best 10 to 15% of this total.

If you have a good audience (more than 10,000 subscribers, which is already not easy to obtain), you can generate a good additional income but not enough to live on it full time.

Finally, the latter method is the most cost-effective. You can generate several thousand euros by me with a very small audience (from 500 to 5000 fans).

4.Establish your online business with Tiktok

This is the most effective way to monetize your fan audience.

The idea is to sell products that you create or import directly, for example from China, to your audience.

The principle is to remove the intermediaries between you and the money from your audience.

You can sell several types of products, very often, they are in one of these 2 categories:

Physical products. Either you directly create a brand and you control the products from A to Z. Or you sell products imported from China, for example by Dropshipping.

Digital products, or info products. This could be for example e-books or video training. The goal is to help your audience learn a skill or achieve a specific goal.

However, you have to be clever in your approach to make money with TikTok.

You can offer your audience to buy directly into one of your TikTok videos, but your fans will be reluctant to buy right away.

The most effective way is to offer your audience a free product in exchange for a way to contact them, such as their email address.

Thus, you will be able to send them content with high added value on your theme, then to offer them products to go further.

This is called a sales funnel.

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 Earn Money With TikTok 2020

 Make a good sales tunnel on Tiktok


It all sounds easy, but how do you put the method into practice with TikTok?

Regarding content, try to be as qualitative and remarkable as possible among your competitors.

To do this, identify the problems of your fans and make content to address them.

Above all, the audience goes to the people who best meet their needs.

Make sure you are succinct in your message. The videos are very short on TikTok. Regarding the format, everything needs to be reinvented in relation to the content already present on other platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Put a little call to action in all of your videos to show your viewers that they can get a free product.

This product may be in your profile description, where you can put a clickable link.


From there, your prospects will be redirected to a capture page, from which they can download their bonus in exchange for their email address.

Once their email address is obtained, you can send them free content by email.

The goal of this step is to show registrants that you have real expertise and that you have the power to change their lives.

To do this, you will use an automated email sequence where the prospect will receive free advice every day.

At the end of this sequence, you will offer to join one of your programs to go even further in its learning.

To automatically send emails and sell your digital products, software exists. The best known are Clickfunnels, systeme.io and Learnybox.

You know everything about sales tunnels, if you are missing information on this, this article will provide you with the necessary.

Conclusion: How to earn money with Tiktok?

In conclusion, TikTok can help you generate money in different ways.

Thanks to donations.

By being an influencer and establishing partnerships with brands.

By selling your own products and services.

Selling your own products (digital or physical) is the most profitable way, but some people may not want to create products, and you may be.

However, becoming an influencer is extremely complicated and the income per follower is very low, so is it really simpler than creating products?

As for donations, don’t expect to get more than a few hundred euros a month, and again.

You are free to test and choose the method that is right for you to find out how to make money with TikTok.

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