How Do You Start a Blog That Earns Money Every Month in 2020?

There are presently greater than 164 million blogs on the web. Given this decide one wonders if the creation of a weblog is always worthwhile. And yet, it is quite possible to create a blog that pays if you adapt to the demand and requirements of Internet users, who are constantly evolving. Do you want to make money with your blog? Here are some tips to help you!

The basic rules to know to create a blog that pays

Discover a worthwhile area of interest that you’re keen about

To be able to make your blog profitable, you must first find a niche that you are passionate about. The choice of theme is crucial for the sustainability of your site. Indeed, if you opt for a topic that does not interest you beyond its financial aspect, you will find it difficult to find content each time and you will be forced to stop at some point. However, your goal is to make your site profitable.

In order not to face this kind of situation and fail in the first year, it is better to choose a subject that you master perfectly and that meets a real need. Indeed, it is important to choose a subject that interests people and that provides a solution to their problems. To find out if this or that niche is interesting, check if there are a lot of people and advertising around it.


Take care of the blog design

As the theme and content, the design of the site must also be chosen with care. This is the first thing that all visitors notice: take care of the appearance of your site if you want it to report.

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Make sure you choose the right logo, fonts, colours, images and all the other elements so that the design of your blog is original and pleasant to look at and read. Demonstrate your professionalism through the appearance of your site. Feel free to use all the features at your fingertips to personalize your blog! To hope to generate leads and customers, you have to know how to capture attention with a unique and quality design.

Optimizing the SEO of the blog

For a blog to make a profit, it must be well-positioned in the search engine results of Google. If you want your site to be positioned on the first page of the search results, make sure that its referencing (SEO) is optimal, even if it means using an SEO agency.

For a site to be well referenced, it is necessary to offer quality content and to use relevant keywords. It is also recommended to publish at least two articles per week and to integrate links in your contents, pointing towards other articles of your site or towards external sources.


Know that SEO is a step that should not be overlooked. The success of your blog depends on it since the majority of Internet users only consult the first page of search engines. Make sure your blog is there!

Some effective tips to earn money with your blog


Affiliation is a very profitable method if you offer highly targeted products and if you put in place an effective promotion strategy. Social networks are a great alternative to promote these products, for example, you can do targeted advertising on Facebook.

But you can also contact your contact list directly by email. This is a very effective method, especially if most of your contacts are regulars.

Another method is to collaborate with another blogger and offer him a link exchange. Otherwise, you can simply promote the affiliate products on your site, on a banner.

Rent banners on its site

To make your blog profitable, you can rent your advertising space to brands or companies. This is very common in this area, especially for sites with a fair amount of traffic. If you decide to opt for this method, you can choose between a weekly subscription or a monthly subscription. Some advertisers offer a percentage of earnings, which can be very interesting in certain situations. In short, do not hesitate to rent your free space so that your blog pays the maximum.

Sell ​​your own products

This method is often overlooked by bloggers when it is the best way to make a blog profitable, especially if you are creative. Do you have talent in creating an eBook? Do you like to create original and quirky clothes? Are you a trainer and would you like to offer training in the form of videos? Go ahead and sell your products on your site!

To make it a hit, make sure that your products are of excellent quality and that they are useful and effective. Your credibility is at stake, as well as the notoriety of your site. Do not hesitate to follow marketing training, because knowing how to sell yourself is essential to hope to earn a good sum. For information, video training is the most profitable product of the moment.


Write sponsored articles

To create a profitable blog, you can also turn to sponsored articles. For those who don’t know it yet, a sponsored article is an article intended to promote a product or service of a company.

So you write the article and publish it on your site, in return for remuneration. Many companies are turning to blogs to promote their services/products, if your site is well referenced and has a lot of traffic, you will have no trouble getting noticed by a large company.

It should be noted that the price of an article ranges from 30 € to more than 100 € for blogs with high awareness. To earn as much money as possible from sponsored articles, make sure to build awareness of your site first. Creating a profitable blog is possible, but you need to have a lot of patience and persistence.


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