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Virtual Bodyguard House Family Security Officer is the most incredible fighting game where you play as a virtual bodyguard and protect the city-rich family with the help of your bodyguard techniques. Take your happy family for shopping in a shopping mall safely and keep eye on the criminals who are planning something dangerous against your boss’s family.

Enjoy the virtual boss bodyguard is a thrilling game and happy family city survival simulator. Show that you are the best VIP security guard and protect your family from the dangerous gangster who is trying to get inside the house to make serious damage but you have to defeat them with the help of your fighting & bodyguard training techniques while playing security officer boss family city game.

Drive the luxury car towards the shopping mall keep eye on the gangster’s jeep they will make trouble with your family. Fight with them and take your amazing family towards the shopping mall safely. Different thrilling missions are ready to entertain you by playing this virtual security guard family officer simulator. Your boss is injured, search and take him to the city hospital safely with the help of car driving skills.

Key Features:

• Play as a Virtual bodyguard & protect the family
• Choose your favorite bodyguard to survive in the city
• Virtual dialogue-based entertaining levels
• Snatching and rescue missions
• Extreme drive throughout the urban city

Virtual Bodyguard House Family Security Officer is specially designed for all happy family game lovers and virtual security guard simulation fans. Catch the bag snatcher boy and save your boss daughter from Gangsters. Beat the gangster with your fighting moves like punches, kicks, and wither fighting techniques while playing a virtual security officer family simulator.

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