Bitcoin Make Online Using 11 Different Ways 2020 Earn Free Bitcoin Mining Sites Without investment 2020 Make Money Online Worldwide

This post aims to guide how to earn free Bitcoins in 2018 and to train people and present several different ways of earning money from Bitcoins, as well as earning free Bitcoins themselves.

Bitcoin as a new investment asset surprised skeptics who tried to argue that a cryptocurrency based on blockage will never be of real value. Bitcoin also aroused great interest among those who had not previously heard about digital currencies or did not give them special values. Now, few will deny that the cryptocurrency niche offers incredible opportunities for earning.

Important note

Remember that storing Bitcoins or altcoins in stock purses is not safe. It is not necessary to keep funds on the exchange for longer than necessary. To ensure that your Bitcoins, codes, or any other Cryptocurrency are stored securely, you will need a hardware purse, such as Ledger Nano S or Trezor.

Once you get the Bitcoins or altcoins, move them to your own wallet. A hardware purse is the only way to keep your digital currency safe.

A warning

Before talking about options for earning from Bitcoin, it is important to understand how much money you can make on it. Although you can earn huge sums in this market, investments for beginners involve very modest revenues. But do not be discouraged.

Even a small number of Bitcoins can be a useful asset, given the ability of the cryptocurrency to grow rapidly. In time, it is quite possible to collect a significant amount of Bitcoins.

However, you do need an initial investment if you are planning to earn Bitcoins. Having taken all this into account, let’s begin to study the various ways in which you can start to earn free Bitcoins.

Following are the ways to earn free Bitcoins in 2020

1. Earn free Bitcoins from Bitcoin mining.
2. Earn free Bitcoins by performing small tasks.
3. Earn free Bitcoins through Bitcoin cranes.
4. Earn free Bitcoins to invest in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-derivatives.
5. Earn free Bitcoins by promoting products associated with Bitcoin.
6. Earn free Bitcoins by getting paid in Bitcoins for freelance work.
7. Earn free Bitcoins by creating content and monetize it with the help of Bitcoin advertising.
8. Engage in Bitcoin lending and earn free Bitcoins.
9. Become a blocked developer and earn free Bitcoins.
10. Earn free Bitcoins by teaching people about Bitcoin.
11. Earn free Bitcoins by playing games.

1. Bitcoin mining

If you want to earn the maximum amount of Bitcoins, then mining is the best option. This method requires the use of computer equipment to automatically perform mathematical operations, which in turn create for you new Bitcoins. Only 21 million bitcoins exist. At the time of writing this article, about 16.7 million Bitcoins have already been created, that is, more than 4 million coins have yet to be mined.

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Golden Bitcoin mining on a computer

The complexity of mining increases with time. In other words, it takes more time and more processing power to extract each subsequent Bitcoin. At the dawn of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency enthusiasts could use graphics processors of conventional computers. At present, the complexity of mining has grown so much that much more specialized equipment is required.

To mine, you first need to invest in Bitcoin-miners — devices that provide the necessary processing power. The price of such an installation depends on its ability to calculate.

Small USB-miners cost less than $100 USD, while the price of larger and more powerful devices can reach tens of thousands of dollars. The initial investment in the miners is high, but this will allow you to create your own flow of new Bitcoins.

Do not forget to take into account additional costs. You will have to pay not only for equipment but also for electricity. If you have a large installation that emits a significant amount of heat, you will need to install a cooling system. These costs can subtract a significant part of the future profit from mining, but the price of Bitcoin keeps increasing, which means that mining will eventually pay off.

Do not want to invest a lot of money and understand the settings of the equipment? You can still mine through the so-called mining contract. In this case, you pay a company a commission, and they will use their mining equipment on your behalf.

Bitcoins mined during the contract will be sent to your wallet. The two largest services of contract mining are Genesis Mining and Hashing24. Contract mining is a simple way of accumulating Bitcoins, although, in the long run, it is more expensive than working with your own equipment.

2. Performance of small tasks

Although mining allows you to earn Bitcoins faster than other methods, due to significant initial investments, it does not suit everyone. There is another way to earn Bitcoins, which is not very profitable, but affordable and easy. There are websites that offer Bitcoins for performing simple online tasks. Usually, these are simple actions like watching ads or commenting on social networks.

One of the best sites for performing small orders is the CoinWorker market. The execution of tasks here is paid in points worth $ 0.01. For most jobs on CoinWorker pay $ 0.03–0.05, but there are also customers who give $ 1 or more. Performing these tasks will take only a few minutes of your time.

There are also sites that will pay you a few Bitcoins for viewing ads. The best sites that offer this are CoinAdder, Ads4BTC, and Aversions.

3. Bitcoin cranes

Sites are known as Bitcoin-cranes also pay small shares of Bitcoins in exchange for a bit of your time — about one Satoshi, which is one hundred millionth part of a Bitcoin. On Bitcoin cranes, you can earn one Satoshi every five minutes.

The idea of Bitcoin-cranes is that their owners place advertisements, which are viewed by users. Although earnings through the site small, it’s a good way to look into the world of Bitcoins and see your digital wallet balance rise, however, small the increase. One of the most popular cranes is Moon Bitcoin, although there are others: FreeBitcoin, Bitcoin Zebra, and Daily Free Bits.

4. Invest in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-derivatives

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Over the past couple of years, Bitcoin has become a popular investment asset. The classic form of investment in Bitcoin is to buy and hold it until the price increases so that you can make a profit. Due to the high volatility of Bitcoin, many investors received incredible profits by using this strategy. If you had invested $500 USD in Bitcoin in early 2011, when it cost $1 USD, today you would have had more than $9.5 million USD.

Investments in Bitcoin would have become mainstream earlier if there had been reliable exchanges. Many of you probably remember the collapse of the Mt. Gox, which was hacked in 2014. The attack led to the loss of millions of dollars and slowed mass recognition of Bitcoin for years. However, a new generation of safer and more advanced sites has come to the market now, that offer services related to cryptocurrency trading.

There is also a lesser-known way of investing in Bitcoin — trading it as a contract for the price difference (CFD). A CFD is a derivative that is based on the asset price, in this case, Bitcoin. Unlike standard investments, CFDs are not related to the actual purchase of the asset itself. Traders simply open positions on the movement of asset prices from a CFD-broker. CFDs typically use high leverage ratios, which means that profits and losses are higher than in traditional investments. With the correct strategy, Bitcoin-CFD can become quite profitable — but keep in mind that these are high-risk investments.

5. Promote products associated with Bitcoin

Did you know that you could make money with Bitcoin without buying it? This can be done thanks to the growing market for products and services related to Bitcoin.

The easiest way to take part in the marketing of Bitcoin products is to promote the device for mining through the affiliate program of Amazon Associates. You can send visitors from your site to Amazon and receive a small commission for any products they buy there within the next 24 hours. Although the choice of mining equipment on Amazon is limited, it is enough to start a small business. The good news is that the mining rigs usually cost at least $100, so you do not need to sell too many devices to receive a noticeable amount of money.

The same concept can be applied to Bitcoin-services. For example, the mining contracts covered in the first point offer generous commissions to those who bring them, new customers. If you have a website, placement of Bitcoin-service related ads can be useful for your readers, and beneficial to you.

6. Get paid in Bitcoins for freelance work

You probably know that there is a mass-market of freelancers who writing articles, develop websites, etc. There are hundreds of websites that help select freelancers for business representatives willing to pay for work. Now, a new trend has emerged: sites have begun to pay freelancers in crypto-currencies. If you have useful skills, you can now monetize them.

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Getting paid in Bitcoins has two advantages, making it one of the best ways to enter the cryptocurrency market

  1. Unlike mining or investments, there is no need for initial capital
  2. Some orders can cost tens and hundreds of dollars (unlike other methods of obtaining Bitcoin, when you drip cents into your account).

If you want to earn Bitcoins quickly and without investing large amounts, this is an excellent option.

The most popular services freelancers offer are content writing, proofreading, graphic design, voice talent, etc. Choose a service based on your skills and interests. After you decide on the scope of activities, you will need to register on a freelance exchange, that pays in Bitcoins.

An attractive option is XBT Freelancer. The site offers many highly-paid assignments, but most are technical in nature and require a highly specialized skill set.

On another popular site, Cryptogrind, you can offer simpler services for a lower payment. If you have ever worked on traditional platforms for freelancers, the ways customers and performers interact with Cryptogrind will seem familiar to you.

7. Create content and monetize it with the help of Bitcoin advertising

If you were ever interested in making money on the Internet, you probably know that you can get money for advertising on your website. This concept works well with Bitcoin.

If you create high-quality content and want to receive passive cryptocurrency income, you should register with an ad network that conducts calculations in Bitcoins — for example, BitMedia.

These networks pay for clicks on ads placed on your site. More visitors and more clicks equal more Bitcoins you earn.

Advertising Bitcoin-networks can be implemented on any type of site, but the most effective resources will be dedicated to crypto-currencies and technologies. The fact is that most advertisers who use these services are themselves in the Bitcoin niche.

You could also twist advertising on the same site that you use to promote products associated with Bitcoin. This approach will diversify your revenue stream by making it possible to earn both Bitcoin and fiat money using the same site.

8. Engage in Bitcoin lending

Providing money for interest has always been a profitable business. Lending in Cryptocurrency is no different. Cryptocurrency lending is similar to p2p-lending when individuals take on the role of a bank or a financial institution and receive interest on repayment by the borrower of the loan. To conduct such activities, you need to register on a specialized credit platform.


For example, Bitbond is one of the most popular and reliable sites, although there are other services. Interest rates on Bitcoin-loans can be quite high — more than 10%.

Lending, of course, requires Bitcoins. You can buy or earn them using one of the methods described in this article.

If you want serious income, you should consider buying a starter stock of coins, which will allow you to finance more loans and receive more interest. It should be understood that as in any other type of lending, the borrower can default.

Always carefully study the participant in the system and decide if you trust them before extending credit.

9. Become a Block Developer

Most of the methods we have considered were quite simple. However, if you are serious about earning money in Bitcoins, then one of the best ways is to become a developer of sites and digital systems related to cryptocurrencies.

The demand for these platforms will grow in the coming years. For each new site that pays in Bitcoins, a block-developer is needed.

Of course, this method of earning is far from simple. In order to effectively study such a narrow specialization as a block, it will require knowledge of computer science, mathematics, and programming. Perhaps it makes sense to first get a degree in computer technology.

However, such investments of time and money are justified, because the average salary of a block-developer is about $ 80,000 USD per year, and specialists can count on $300,000 USD.

10. Teach people Bitcoin

Once you prove yourself in the Bitcoin community, you will be able to share knowledge with other people who are less knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. This may involve investing strategies or setting up mining rigs. Inexperienced entrants would pay for will your experience and knowledge.

One way to earn returns on your experience is to create a video on YouTube. You can monetize your video with Google Adsense and earn advertising revenue. If your channel becomes a popular source of information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, your income will be significant.

You can also choose to write articles to post to your own site or on other sites. Good text content will be in demand on specialized sites.


If you have high ambitions to share your knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency, you can create your own Bitcoin course. Online courses are a great way to make money, although working on them requires a lot of time and effort.

Promotion and sale of the course created by you can be carried out through the Udemy site, where materials created by users are posted. Here you can expose your course at any price that you like. And most importantly, you will have access to millions of potential students.

Your material should be valuable enough for people to pay for it; if you retell the information available through Google, you will not earn a lot of money

11. Earn free Bitcoins by playing games

And how can you not endorse the most fun way to earn Bitcoins! Games that pay in the cryptocurrency are similar to Bitcoins-cranes because they profit from advertising and transfer a sizable amount to you. They are good because they monetize the time spent on games for which you otherwise would not get anything at all. If you like mobile games, try to find ones that will pay a few Bitcoins.

In addition, Bitcoins can be won in digital casinos. Of course, gambling is not the most reliable way to earn money. Chances almost always favor the gambling house. Although, if you feel like risking a few Bitcoins or you just want to have some fun, there is nothing wrong with that.


I think you have seen that a great variety of ways exist to make a profit due to the growth and popularization of Bitcoin (which is yet to fully reveal its potential). Regardless of whether you want to directly receive Cryptocurrency or earn from it indirectly, it is worthwhile to use market opportunities creatively.


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