When people create blog and set up all basic setting and also upload blog posts then they approve from Ad Sense after approval the put add into their website for earning but adds give earning if traffic comes and click or view ads otherwise nothing. So after all steps they need to increase traffic because if traffic is increase so their earning is absolutely increase and if traffic not come so earning is low or some time zero. Everybody want to increase traffic in their website but not know how? In this post I will share some important tips for getting 500 visitors daily and increase if apply these tips correctly.
Traffic is increase by using two method:
i) Sharing post on Social media or URL
ii) Through Organic traffic

Traffic of blog is increase by two methods and first is sharing URL and the other is through organic google give this when post is rank.
i) Sharing post on Social media or URL:
When you create post and upload it to your blog then you need to share it, because in the beginning traffic is not high so by sharing you got more traffic and also ranking when visitors come regularly. Facebook is one of the best source of increasing traffic for website but visitors must be real not fake review,comments or view. In that case your Ad Sense got add limit and your revenue is decreased. YouTube is also another big source of traffic if you have an channel. You create videos on YouTube and and share on your website and add the link of your website post into your video description and tell the people in the video about your post so in that case your audience check your post open your blog and your traffic is increase.
ii) Through Organic traffic:
Google gives organic traffic if any website complete all the google requirements. Google rank post on first page if any website is responsive and optimized, it include many factors like unique content Highly SEO and fast speed theme. Theme is also play an important part in case of ranking because google rank website if this is loaded correctly and immediately. Must check theme speed in lite speed checker and use premium theme when your blog start earning.