Hello friends welcome to another post. In this post I share some tricks for increasing blog traffic these tips are working and give your much advantage. In my previous post I discuss about organic traffic. In this post I discuss about increase blog traffic through social media and sharing post link.
Two huge platform of social media for traffic:

I will try to share all the secrets of Facebook and YouTube for website traffic and ranking and how you can get traffic through these two big platforms.
Facebook is one of the big platform where you can market your product publish your business adds and advertise your any thing free of cost. In case of website promotion Facebook is one of the best platform because millions of people use Facebook and check it’s update daily. In case of website traffic you need to start a Facebook page with same name of your website or business. Share all the links of your posts in to your page which you upload in to your blog and also connect your blog with page. When you share your website post in your page then you need to search your page name on Facebook and join all groups related your work or category. After joining other’s high members groups you need to share your post to all the groups which are joined and don’t share your blog post in it you share your FB page post to these groups. When your share post many people check your website open it read your posts and click adds and it will be good for your income.
If you want to increase traffic through YouTube so you need to create an channel related to your category or business. Upload videos about your category share all the details of the video in your website and put the link of this post in to your YouTube video description. Tell the people about your website in video and also tell them the link is in description. When people open link and read your posts so your revenue is increase rapidly.