Hi friends, welcome to my another post. I discuss about online earning and about online field. I briefly discuss about all methods of online earning which legitimate and secure. If any one want’s to know so read our previous posts. In this post I will discuss about website traffic and specially organic traffic and requirement of google for ranking and giving organic traffic. Many people ask about organic traffic and ranking on first page so I decide to write detailed post about organic traffic and ranking. Read all post carefully and ask any thing in comment section.
Requirements of Google for Ranking and Organic traffic:
Website index in webmaster
All posts are Fully SEO optimized
Make response and user friendly
Use fast loading speed theme

If any one do these things correctly so he absolutely get ranking and also organic traffic from google and this is so good for his revenue.
Website index in webmaster:
After creating and setting up website you need to index it webmaster and also index all it’s posts in Google search console. If any one not do this important thing so his post is not rank and Ad Sense not give approval. So the income not generate if Ad Sense not give approval. Before applying for Ad Sense must keep in mind that all of your website posts are indexed correctly otherwise your application is rejected.
All posts are Fully SEO optimized:
This step is so important for ranking because in SEO the post shows it’s identity and also not shows the details and main reason. So must install any SEO plugin into your website and do SEO to all of your post including selecting category,add tags,add images,write slug or title, set focus keyword and write meta description. All of these things are give boost to your post and ranked on google.
Make response and user friendly:
Make website responsive and user friendly mean create all important pages like contact us,about us,privacy policy,disclaimer and any other which you want. Add all your categories and posts into your sidebar. Website is easy to use and not difficult any person can open and use it.
Use fast loading speed theme:
Theme is one the important thing in ranking because doing all things are correctly if your theme is not responsive and not loaded fastly so google don’t rank your website. Google provide the fastest services in the world so must keep in mind that use responsive and user friendly theme for ranking. If the post is rank then the google gives organic traffic.