How to quickly reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube?

With a Google Account, you can watch and like videos and subscribe to channels, but you will only have a public YouTube presence if you create a channel. Even if you have a Google Account, you must create a YouTube channel to upload videos, add comments, or create playlists. You can use a computer or a YouTube mobile website to create a new channel.

After the “TECHNICAL ZIA” channel on the social networking site, YouTube reached one hundred thousand subscribers in record time, the episode’s presenter decided to publish his experiment, answering a question posed by the pioneers of social networking sites, which is how I get a large number of subscribers in record time and quickly?

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Be specific. Before you create content, do some research on YouTube to work out what quite content they like. What keywords are during this content? Then you’ll create content you recognize your audience will enjoy.Create a trailer for your channel.
You can upload a trailer for your channel that may allow only autoplay for those that don’t seem to be subscribed to your channel. Keep your container short, exciting, and end with a call to action to subscribe.

Don’t ignore your YouTube account’s “About” section. Is where you’ll be able to sell your channel to potential subscribers. Tell the viewer what they’re going to gain by watching your channel and why they ought to subscribe. The keywords in your “About” section will help your channel rank higher in search results.

The “idea” according to the episode is the first factor of your YouTube channel’s success, and ensuring that it is new and strange is the key to its spread, while emphasizing the necessity of writing it on paper, and then arranging and preparing it permanently.

The second factor is the professional production of this idea using distinct lighting when photographing to appear well in front of your followers, with the need to use a good camera as well, and that attention to sound is important.

After taking the previous steps, an important stage comes, which is montage, and here Anas sees that the most prominent thing in this stage is to put yourself in the viewer’s place and wonder what he wants?

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The presenter will answer that his experience in this field says that the specifications of the video that the viewer likes to follow are no more than three minutes in length, and that the clip be sequenced and the ideas in it are arranged with the use of beautiful sound effects.

As for a question: How to convince your followers to watch the video? The presenter sees that the answer to it lies in the title of the clip, which should be attractive, and the thumbnail that reflects the content of the video.

The episode also provided a set of additional ideas and tips that benefit the users of the YouTube platform, and it has varied between identifying and interested in collaborating with the same field, choosing a distinctive logo for the channel, downloading two to eight clips per month, and also providing some advice in choosing a camera and montage programs.

It is noteworthy that the “Anas Iskandar” channel on YouTube has a number of followers, reaching 135 thousand followers, and the number of views of a boat approaching four million views.